Partnership Program for Municipalities

The Partnership Program for Municipalities (PPM) is an initiative fully designed and coordinated by the Africa-Canada Chamber of Commerce (ACCC). The PPM is aim at bringing African and  Canadian Municipalities together in a bid to promote mutual commercial and educational exchanges.   Due to varying cultural and economic priorities, bringing communities together is a complex mix, but the opportunities are boundless both in social and material enrichment. To facilitate this very sought-after relationship for its members and partners, ACCC has put together a team of in-house professionals that will help guide officials of municipalities in identifying possible areas of collaboration and to facilitate working together with respect for mutual benefit.   If you are interested in working with the ACCC on the PPM for your municipality, simply send us your declaration of intention of partnership and our experts will walk you through to securing a PPM agreement with a matching sister community. For more information on this initiative please contact ACCC today.