Thank you for visiting the website of Africa-Canada Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
On behalf of the Board of Directors, Officers and Members, I am delighted to introduce to you the young Africa – Canada Chamber of Commerce (ACCC).  The vision for this broad-based chamber is borne out of the necessity to facilitate trade and investment opportunities between Canada and the Continent of Africa. Accordingly, ACCC is strategically positioned to become a veritable platform for promoting social and economic development of all its members and partners.
Based on the above laudable goal, I am proud to introduce to you ACCC. I humbly request your partnership as well as that of your organization towards the achievement of our vision and mission. The ACCC is a non-partisan group working to facilitate trade and investment activities of its members across the borders of African countries and Canada. All this is done through networking and information sharing among individuals and institutions, in such a way that we can foster a win-win economic and social relationship between Africa and Canada.
Our members are mainly those interested in doing business in these diametrically opposed geographic locations (Canada and Africa). Our operations are fashioned to benefit our members by offering business promotion opportunities, education and training, advocacy and much more.
To reach our goal, we have come to value inputs from knowledgeable partners with deep expertise on issues of business development and implementation. It is our belief that participation in our activities by strategic partners will immensely strengthen our core values.
We welcome individuals, organizations including non-profits, businesses and government agencies to join as members and support the vision of the ACCC. In all our events, we invite municipal, provincial, regional and national leaders, both elected and nonelected officials. Should you or your organization be interested in partnering in the activities of ACCC, please get in touch.
Thank you for your consideration, together we can nurture a culture of active civic engagement, while we facilitate and promote trade and investment across the borders of Canada and the continent of Africa.
Roger Ekuh-Ngwese,
President, ACCC