Code of Conduct for Members

The Africa Chamber of Commerce of Canada no doubt provides a veritable platform for members to foster excellent trade relations between Canada and the whole of Africa as a continent. However, the corporate members must be seized of their responsibility to observe international standard of best practices which are strategic to achieving stated objectives.

The current trend in the global market is the establishment of framework that ensures accountability and transparency in commercial transactions. This background has therefore thrust on the members of the Chamber varying obligations to commit to ethical standards that support social and economic development. To that effect, both the current and future members undertake to comply with the stipulations in this Code of Conduct knowing that failure to do so shall result in termination of membership. Specifically, the members individually and collectively commit to the following:


  • Abide by the Constitution & Bylaws of the Africa Canada Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • Conform to all laws established by municipal, provincial, national, regional and international authorities for control and regulation of business and investment activities where applicable.
  • Actively participate in or contribute to ACCC committees or meetings where appropriate and lend all professional experience and expertise.
  • Maintain the highest standards of conduct and act with integrity and dignity when interacting with other members, government agencies, regulatory authorities and members of the public. And as well provide honest, skilled and conscientious service to all clients or customers.
  • Respect the confidentiality requirements and privacy policies of the ACCC.
  • Honestly communicate true information in all advertising and listings on ACCC website and directory. With commitment to ensure that goods and services are advertised in accordance with all municipal, provincial, national, regional and international rules and regulations.
  • Take responsibility at all times for any breach of guidelines, policies, directives, rules and laws in all jurisdictions where such are enforceable and pay damages for such acts and omissions.

With the above commitment and pledge in mind, every Member undertakes to observe both the spirit and the letter of this Code of Conducts (and all amendments) with a view to adhering to the benchmark for best practices in all dealings and to be well guided by the dictates contained in the Chamber’s By-Laws. Failure to do so may result in the termination of membership.